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[2002 application to renew the temporary permission for the caravan and apply (again) for retrospective permission for the round pen and stables. Last time we were given temporary permission to retain them.]



Dear Mr. Jones,

Further to our telephone conversation on Monday 11th March, we are writing to apply to renew the following temporary planning permissions for a further period of one year:

1. application reference no. NP5/60/7F

temporary permission for caravan for agricultural worker and retention of timber annex attached thereto

2. application reference no. NP5/60/7E

retrospective application for stable and fence

We can confirm that no changes whatsoever have been made to the previous applications. All plans, diagrams, descriptions, locations etc. are exactly as before.

We have enclosed a cheque for 190 to cover the fees for the applications (2 x 95).


As you are aware, the National Assembly is currently conducting research into Low Impact development and Tir Penrhos Isaf has been included in the study as one of the prime examples in Wales. The Assembly intends to produce a report which may lead to modifications to planning policy or to the Technical Advice Notes which in turn may allow our intended development to proceed. As of yet that report has not been concluded.

We are therefore asking for an extension to the temporary permissions until the Assembly concludes the report. We are aware that successive renewals of temporary planning permission are contrary to planning policy but ask that the Park recognise that our case is exceptional. We feel that there is no way that the granting of a further period of temporary permission could result in the setting of a precedent or lead to abuse by other applicants.

We therefore ask that you support the application. Please contact us if you require any further details.

Yours sincerely,


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