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The topography of the locality is varied and ranges from flat, sea-level, salt-wind plantation sites to high, mountainous, rocky areas of potential woodland/forest. Climate ranges from mild, south facing estuary tributaries to sub arctic, north facing Cader Idris. There is an extremely wide choice of sites for nurseries to produce an equally wide variety of plants and in particular, locally adapted varieties of native species.

Present situation

Young trees are imported into the locality from other areas (and often other countries). Although native, these plants are not as suited to the area as our own local varieties and may produce poorer growth or be more susceptible to disease. Through cross fertilisation with local varieties they contribute to the degradation of the local bio-diversity.


The widely varying sites for planting within our locality allow for a large number of small tree nurseries. Some of these might be very small (such as a school producing one hundred plants per year as part of an educational project), others would be larger. The nurseries work in cooperation with each other (for example bulk orders, specialist plants) and with other aspects of the Tree Cycle.

Seed is acquired from the seed collection branch thus ensuring that local bio-diversity is preserved. Materials such as compost and mulch are obtained from the composting branch.

The nurseries supply young trees and associated plants to planting schemes members of the general public and other organisations.

Summary points

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