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My contributions to the British Permaculture Teachers' Manual.

This was an excellent collaborative effort drawing in the expertise of a host of British permaculture designers, produced as a joint project between the Permaculture Association Britain and the WWF. All contributions were produced using a common framework or pro forma, and were assessed by several designers before inclusion in the final draft (or not...)



You will find Welsh and bilingual handouts in the Paramaeth Cymru section here

Meetings and conflict resolution

These are a teaching resource designed to go with presentations of one sort or another. At the moment I have provided them largely without explanation in order to make them immediately available. At some point I may get round to making them more interactive with explanations for each heading and point.

Meetings 1: base pattern

Meetings 2: roles

Meetings 3: mediation

Meetings 4: applying the base pattern to a work or activity day

Challenging oppressive values

The latter is a piece of collaborative work produced by Emma Culleton, Liz Thomas and myself on the first Cyfanfyd course for trainers in Education in Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship or ESDGC. (A bit of a mouthful but its going into our schools and youth groups and we would do well to make as much use as possible of the excellent opportunites that it presents).

Course Handouts for Registration Level Tutor Training: Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design.


Articles, transcriptions and other odds and ends

Designing for meetings written for Permaculture magazine. Goes with the meetings handout.

Article for Greenline provides an early description of permaculture design.

Foot and Mouth disease. 2001. Some thoughts.

How I learned to stop worrying about the end of the world and love sheep. Piece I wrote when a youth forum member expressed their disquiet at the bleak looking future.

Resilient Landscapes: unfinished piece looking at broadscale approach


David Holmgren

The Ethics and Principles of Permaculture transcribed by Chris Dixon from a lecture by David Holmgren, co-founder of Permaculture Design, on a course he taught at Penrhos in august 1994. The principles he describes here are clearly ecological principles, derived from oservation of natural systems and prior to his latest version which have been generalised in order to make them easier to apply to the Big Three of Environment, Community and Self.

Rules of thumb for appropriate energy use from Energy and Permaculture by David Holmgren


Gorse. A page of stuff about that ever so useful, green and spiky wonder, gorse.


The Treecycle Design:

An innovative system design linking many aspects of the growth cycle of trees to productive, local work, using Stafford Beer's Viable System Model as the structure for each operation and the overall system. This can be accessed either as a text page with internal links, or from the image map of the Treecycle (produced by Sam Rollinson) with links to independent pages for each operation of the cycle.


Rio Report:

a report produced many years ago by the original Mawddach Permaculture Group using the meeting patterns we developed together. This followed the first Rio summit held in 1992. The report outlines the opportunities available in rural areas, emphasising the integration of solutions to challenges in different aspects of life and the environment; still remarkabl]y valid today.



Frank Bowman's LED lighting design. LEDs are ideal for low impacters. Here's how to do it.


You are here: resourcesResources

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