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The rural communities abound with skilled, creative talent.

Present Situation

By far the bulk of finished goods are imported into the area


To create and support tree/timber based workshop industries. The workshop branch or branches obtain materials from the processing and harvesting branches.

The workshops produce specific items (such as sheds, stables) and/or work to order (window frame, rabbit hutch). Distinctions will arise between the various workshop branches, resulting in specialisation (kitchen furniture, boat building). There are also niche opportunities for individual specialists such as craftspeople, sculptors, garden ornamentors. Close contact with the planting, harvesting and processing branches will allow for the development of innovative yields, processes and thus product, in particular, high value, unique items.

The workshops produce finished products for supplying local needs such as furniture, buildings, gates etc. and also high value products for sale outside the locality. The export of high value products (unique items) whether to other countries or within Britain, draws money into the locality.

It is envisioned that although workshops may produce high value sales items (gazebo, boat) the branch objectives will encourage the development of high quality, low energy, affordable dwellings in a range of designs, suited to the historical and current surroundings.

Summary points

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